Sacred spaces: Inside our heads into the room - A Human Library Experience



Can you read my mind?”, “How did you know I was going to say that?” are just some questions that have been verbalised to me. As I sit in front of my client, I too, at times, wonder if he/she is as curious about what’s happening in my head as I am about his/hers.

The act of going to seek professional help is a courageous one, for it’s not easy to share matters so deep and personal to someone we barely know. It is also an intensely private and largely unseen one. For everyone who is curious about the behind the scenes, inside-the-head happenings of professional help seeking, this is a session for you. Come observe an interview in the making, contribute to the space with your questions, and watch and widen your perspective as processes unfold in the room.

About Our Human Books:

Ms Bettina Yeap is a registered counsellor with Singapore Association for Counselling and is currently heading INSIGHT, the mental health department of Care Corner Singapore Ltd. She graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology and a M.A. in Counselling, both of which have helped her pursue her heart’s desire of helping people who are struggling to be better equipped to face life and its challenges, grow and be different. In the everyday, she gets to do work that is close to her heart and this includes mental wellbeing outreach and prevention work; clinical counselling for individuals, families and couples and facilitating group therapy. She also has the privilege of training others in counselling skills and theories, as well as running talks and workshops on family life and mental health-related topics.

About Acting Up
In a bid to raise funds for mental health causes at Acting Up, our Youth Beneficiaries and Community Partners are stepping out of shadows and onto an online platform to share personal experiences of recovery. Exploring themes such as drug addictions, social struggles and mental health afflictions, we aim to debunk the myth of a "beautiful" recovery, and share how struggles can be managed by every tiny success. "Readers" have an opportunity to interact, ask questions and affirm our youths during the discussion forums. Each session will be moderated by staff from Acting Up. Come journey with us as we trudge through tough times together.

Acting Up is a social enterprise that provides therapeutic follow up for youth at no cost to them. We are not funded by any organizations and rely fully on our workshop and courses to fund our projects and initiatives. Acting Up works with fellow community partners to provide employment, guidance and mentorship for youth in need. In turn, our Youth reach out to others in need through social projects.

Covid19 has hit us hard, resulting in an inability to sufficiently support our youth beneficiaries in the programmes for and by them. In a bid to raise funds, we are sharing our personal stories of recovery, with the hopes of reaching out to the community as well as raising funds to continue our youth mental health projects.

We would appreciate any amount of donation to ensure no young person is left behind during tough times. Kindly contact Jung Tou at if you like to make a donation.

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